Leeds Environmental Design Associates (LEDA) is a team of designers dedicated to creating great sustainable buildings. Our mission is to design and deliver spaces that respect the environment and are a joy to use. Our engineers share a commitment to improving the environmental performance of buildings, working with partners to provide fully integrated solutions from project start-up. Our principles are founded in the three bedrocks of sustainability – social, environmental and economic – and we work, primarily, within northern England.

LEDA was formed in 1997 as a multi-disciplinary partnership between James Haigh, Matthew Hill and Jonathan Lindh. Registered as a limited company on 23rd November 2000, we are a member of Co-operatives UK, with staff at all levels contributing to, and sharing, our success. The engineering side of the business has grown steadily in the last ten years, with our expertise valued from initial consultancy to the design and delivery of sustainable building services solutions. We work closely with clients, architects and other specialists, bringing our unique co-operative spirit to every project, place and space.