LEDA is a registered co-operative company which works openly and collectively with clients and designers; contributing to user-focused briefs from the outset and an integrated team approach to building design. Our engineers are all multi-disciplinary and support architects in developing concepts that are both creative and user-friendly, with a sustainable blueprint for their lifelong function, operation and management. From specialist advice to full building services solutions, we provide an engaged, Director-led team committed to project delivery on programme and budget. In contrast to the traditional “belt and braces” approach to services design, we prefer to develop a “lean” strategy: one that offers maximum efficiency and complements the overall vision.

The LEDA approach is to utilise our knowledge and skills so that they provide the widest sustainable benefits to clients and communities. Focusing on how people use and understand buildings, we combine passive strategies with active technologies to create pleasant and healthy environments that are easy to control. We always respond innovatively to the particulars of project and site, identifying the potential for optimum energy efficiency and the minimum of mechanical intervention. We have expertise across a range of industry sectors, allowing us to share best practice and break new ground in sustainable services engineering.